Welcome to the Maian Ads demo.

If you've just installed Maian Ads on your site and your installation is working ok, then you'll see some underlined and double underlined links on this page.

These links are created automagically by placing a couple of lines of code at the bottom of the page just before the </body> tag. Don't worry it's easy to do on almost any site, even your blog.

These two lines of code call a set of extremely clever javascript routines which check the database for keywords and any associated links you've given them.

Then, almost faster than the eye would notice (if you weren't looking for it) the javascript routines scan the page for the keywords it knows about, and if it finds some, turns the ordinary text into a hyperlink.

The hyperlinks are either a "normal" single underlined link, or a double underlined link that causes a hover ad to appear when you run your mouse pointer over it. You decide what each one will be when you set it up.

You might want to talk about a commission bump. How about Seo and elite software. How about sailing away on a yacht?

(Note: Double underlined launch hover ad on mouse over, single are standard hyperlink)


The unique Maian Ads code checks your page for text that matches your keywords or key phrases and parses them as double or single underlined links. The amount of links to convert is set in the config file. When a visitor hovers their cursor over the links, your keyword ads will launch. These ads are not affected by pop up blockers and the same code works for any of your pages, providing you place the code in the footer of your pages as explained in the docs.

Keywords and key phrases are case insensitive. So for example, both Seo and SEO would have the special links.

Key phrases work the same way that keywords do.

Keywords and key phrases are substituted in reverse alphabetical order. The code that does this is too fast for the user to notice. You'd only see it if knew it was happening and you were looking for it.

This system could greatly improve your chances of monetising your web sites with existing content. e.g. on your self hosted Wordpress blog. Or you could build a niche blog especially to monetise around the topic of your choice, populating it with relevant articles from article directories.

And best of all? Its TOTALLY FREE.

Enjoy! Yours www.php-s.ru.