Welcome to the first release of Yamazaki's CSS based layout named the Green Lush. You can download it for free at www.php-s.ru. This layout is a valid XHTML 1.1 Strict and CSS 2.
In here, you can put your welcome message to your visitor, or directly put your journal entries.
I've made this layout as flexible as possible and you can modify it as you wish.
But i assumed you already familliar with CSS and XHTML before you try to edit anything here. Seriously, im not trying to scared you off, because one simple mistake will make the whole page become a mess.
And please please don't ask me how to edit this stuff. If you not familliar with CSS and XHTML, i suggest you to search the internet, googling it. There are hell a lot of website that provide a tutorial for CSS based layout.

If you decided to use this layout, please, i ask you please do not remove the copyright at the bottom of the page. It's not that i'm gonna hunt you down if you remove it but i guess i just need a small appreciation from you guys. Thank you.

Finally, this layout has been heavily tested under : Opera 8,9; Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6 SP1. However if you found a bug(s), feel free to send me an email to angga_fuyuki at hotmail.com and don't forget to inform me your browser version when you found the bug(s). I'll fix it ASAP

Have fun